No. Paper Authors
1 Caffeine-degrading endosymbiont fungi isolated from Hipothenemus hampei. Ferr as pre-analysis caffeine tolerance ability of coffee berry borer Purwatiningsih, S Ubaidillah, D Setyati and H T Wiyono (
2 The spores structure of ferns growing in mountain Gumitir coffee plantation area Jember Regency D Setyati, H Sulistyowati, R Rahmawati and T Ratnasari (
3 Optimization microwave assisted transesterification insitu for biodiesel production from Chlorella sp. using response surface methodology L Qadariyah, R Panjaitan and M Mahfud (
4 Application of response surface methodology in optimization condition of anthocyanin extraction process of cocoa peel waste with Microwave Assisted Extraction Method (MAE) I Rahmawati, B A Fachri, Y H Manurung, Nurtsulutsiyah and M Reza (
5 DNA barcoding of Thrixspermum longipilosum based on Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 (ITS2) region S Rohimah, T Ratnasari and M Su’udi (
6 Detection of cryII gene from Bacillus thuringiensis using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) F D Wahyuni, Seprianto and H Saraswati (
7 Determination α-amylase inhibitor activity of methanol extract of coffee leaves using UV-Vis spectrophotometric method and validation L Wulandari, Nuri, D K Pratoko, P Khairunnisa and L Muyasaroh (
8 Isolation and screening caffeine-degrading bacteria S Arimurti, I Oktavianawati and S Suharjono (
9 Lipid production from Zygosaccharomyces siamensis AP1 using sequencing batch method with acetic acid as carbon source R Salsabila and M Ilmi (
10 Molecular Docking Analysis of Anti-malarial Compounds as Plasmepsin IV Inhibitor from Targeted Indonesian Medicinal Plants Arthur Hariyanto Prakoso, Muhammad Habiburrohman, Wilda Nur Rohmatillah, Bawon Triatmoko, Ari Satia Nugraha (
11 Ethnopharmacology and Computer-Aided Tandem Protocol to Search for Antimalarial Agents from Indonesian Medicinal Plants: HAP Inhibitor Adinda Kusuma Pertiwi, Muhammad Habiburrohman, Yoshinta Debby, Bawon Triatmoko, Ari Satia Nugraha (
12 In Silico Study of Histo-aspartic Protease (HAP) Inhibitor from Indonesian Medicinal Plants: Anti-malarial Discovery Dinar Mutia Rani, Muhammad Habiburrohman, Yoshinta Debby, Bawon Triatmoko, Ari Satia Nugraha (
13 The Virtual Screening to Search Proplasmepsin II Inhibitor from Indonesian Medicinal Plant Phytochemicals: Anti-Malaria Muhammad Habiburrohman, Wilda Nur Rohmatilah, Arthur Hariyanto Prakoso, Bawon Triatmoko, Ari Satia Nugraha (
14 Virtual Screening the Interaction of Various Compound from Indonesian Plants with the HGXPRT Enzyme to Find a Novel Antimalarial Drug Wilda Nur Rohmatillah, Naura Bathari Winarto, Arthur Hariyanto Prakoso, Bawon Triatmoko, Ari Satia Nugraha (