International Conference on Life Sciences and Biotechnology (ICOLIB) is biannual international, peer-reviewed conference focuses on life sciences, biotechnology and related fields such as health and medicine, agriculture, biodiversity, environmental, conservation, new and renewable energy.

After successful event of the 1st ICOLIB in 2015 “Exploration and Conservation of Biodiversity”, Biology Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences – University of Jember proudly present the 2nd ICOLIB 2017 with theme “Integrated Biological Sciences for Human Welfare

The Conference invites researches, academia, educators, industrial practitioners and professional to meet and share knowledge and results of research. We look forward for significant contributions to all major fields of biology and biology-related fields in theory, methodology and application.

This conference covers all aspects of biological sciences such as gene and genome, cell biology, biotechnology, structure biology, biochemistry, botany, zoology, physiology, biosystematics, ecology, biodiversity, system biology, agriculture, food, health and medicine, environmental, new and renewable energy.